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Creamy Pork Hock Soup

Creamy Pork Hock Soup

This is my new favorite soup! It’s creamy, flavorful and uses my new favorite cut of meat; the pork hock. And it all comes together easily in a slow cooker. This makes winter bearable.

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Curry veggie soup

Creamy Vegetable Curry Soup

This soup is on a whole new level of awesome. Roasting veggies is my favorite way to eat them. So roasting veggies and then turning them into a soup is pretty much the perfect combination. And adding curry is the perfect flavor. Even veggie haters will love this soup.

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Shift your mindset

How to Shift Your Mindset to Get Through Trials

I’m a big believer that mindset has a huge impact on how we feel. Not just mentally and emotionally but physically as well. This week I had a shift in mindset that improved my entire outlook. I share it because I hope it may help some of you who are going through trials big or […]

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Natural Easter Egg

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

We work really hard to avoid artificial ingredients in our home, including artificial coloring. So when it comes to Easter, I feel awful taking our beautiful eggs and smothering them in red 40. We decided to try a natural approach. Not only did it work but it was way more fun than dropping pellets in […]

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trail mix clusters

3-Ingredient Trail Mix Clusters

I needed to make a chocolate dish for a get-together but needed something healthy and super fast to make. I decided to make these clusters of chocolate with dried fruit and nuts. These are so good! I’m almost embarrassed they’re so easy! Everyone loved them and I felt like I stayed true to who I […]

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Why You Need Nature

Too much of our lives has moved from the outdoors to the indoors. Instead of working outside on the land we’ve moved to office buildings. Instead of walking to work, school and to friends’ houses, we drive. We were designed to be in nature and here’s why.

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the dark side of motherhood

The Dark Side of Motherhood

My son and I got in a big fight this week. I’m pretty sure the words “all your toys” and “on fire” and “some kids don’t even have food” were used. To be honest, it was pretty ugly. I felt like a failure as a mom. Then meeting another mom completely changed my perspective.

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