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10 Simple Recipes to Improve Your Health

Happy 2017! We’re constantly told we need to eat healthy foods but do you wonder why. I don’t know about you, but I’m a person who is much more willing to do something if I know the reason behind it. Not only am I about to tell you why you should eat certain foods, but give you delicious examples of how to eat each food. Happy New Year!

1. Spinach

Benefits: Spinach is loaded with Vitamin K and Vitamin A. Vitamin K helps us have healthy blood and healthy bones. Vitamin A helps our immune system, our skin and our eyes.

How to eat it: Luckily spinach has a mild taste so it works well in salads, but if you don’t like the taste or texture. try adding it in my healthy chocolate peanut-butter banana shake (click here for link) or your favorite smoothie. It purees really well and doesn’t add much flavor.


2. Avocado

Benefits: Avocado is full of potassium, healthy fats and fiber. Potassium and healthy fats help keep our blood healthy and fiber keeps us regular.

How to eat it: Avocado is a delicious addition to a salad or on a hamburger patty, but my favorite way to eat it is in my Chicken Avocado Lettuce Wraps (click here for recipe).


3. Cauliflower

Benefits: Cauliflower contains a ton of Vitamin C. We always think of Viamin C being great for our immune system and while it is, Vitamin C benefits every system in our body.

How to eat it: I love to eat cauliflower raw dipped in hummus, or cooked and pureed like mashed potatoes, but if you don’t like the taste, try my Creamy Cauliflower Soup (click here for recipe). My husband hates cauliflower but still loves this soup.


4. Eggs

Benefits: Egg are EXTREMELY healthy, including  the yolks. Seriously, stop throwing away the yolks. Now. Eggs contain virtually every nutrient our body needs. Think about it. An egg is the starting point to create an animal, so it must be packed with nutrients.

How to eat it: If you don’t like eggs alone, try making them into a stir fry like my Egg and Veggie Stir Fry (click here for recipe). Add any seasonings you want to make it fit your taste.


5. Coconut Milk

Benefits: Coconut milk is a great option if dairy upsets your digestion or your skin. Coconut milk can help lower blood pressure, boosts energy, aids in digestion and provides heart-healthy fats.

How to eat it: Coconut milk can be subbed one for one in recipes that call for dairy milk or cream. My favorite way to use it is in soups. It adds a delicious, creamy flavor. My favorite soup with coconut milk is my Creamy Pumpkin Soup (click here for recipe). 


6. Salmon

Benefits: Wild-caught fish is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It’s full of Omega-3 fatty acids which helps our hearts, joints and reduces inflammation. It’s also a great source of protein which is important for healthy muscles and bones.

How to eat it: When we were in Seattle last summer we had a pan-seared salmon topped with a pesto sauce. It was AMAZING! This is one of my favorite quick dinners. If you’re looking for another delicious, easy dinner, try this One-pan Salmon and Veggie Dinner (click here for recipe).

7. Kale

Benefits:Kale is high in fiber which aids in digestion and is loaded with antioxidants which helps everything run smoothly in our bodies. Kale is also chock-full of Vitamins A, K and C.

How to eat it: I love baby kale in salads but I find full-grown kale too bitter for salads and too tough for smoothies. But I absolutely love it cooked down. Cooking kale mellows the flavor but it doesn’t go mushy like cooked spinach. My favorite way to cook it is to add it to stir frys like my Healthy Curry Stir Fry (click here for recipe).


8. Broccoli

Health Benefits: Broccoli is full of Vitamin K, Vitamin C and fiber. Broccoli is also anti-inflammatory which helps you feel better and makes everything in our bodies go more smoothly.

How to eat it: I love to add broccoli to salads or dipped in hummus, but my favorite way is roasted with balsamic vinegar (click here for recipe). 


9. Blueberries

Health Benefits: Blueberries are a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Plus, they are a great way to have a sweet treat without eating processed sugar.

How to eat it: Blueberries are delicious on their own but my favorite way to eat them are heated up and eaten with shredded coconut topped with almond milk.

10. Almonds

Health Benefits: Almonds are a great way to get healthy fats and proteins if you want to lower your meat intake. Almonds are also a great source of Vitamin E which is an amazing antioxidant.

How to eat it: Almonds are of course delicious raw, but I love dipping fruit in almond butter. Almonds are also delicious sprinkled on salads. Just remember. With nuts, a little goes a long way.


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2 Responses to 10 Simple Recipes to Improve Your Health

  1. Susan Heyborne January 4, 2017 at 11:57 am #

    Could you describe the difference between sugars? I see a lot of ingredient lists that say “glucose” instead of just plain sugar. Does the body process it differently?

    • Ami January 11, 2017 at 11:55 am #

      Stay tuned for an upcoming post. 🙂

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