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How to Pick the Right Exercise for You

Everyone has an opinion about what the very best exercise is. But no matter the opinion, everyone agrees that exercise is a must for everyone. No matter age or physical ability, EVERYONE should get some kind of exercise. So here are some tips when choosing the type of exercise that is best for you.

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10 Sugar-Craving Cures

  When people ask me the number one thing I’ve done to make myself healthier I always respond with, “give up sugar.” The automatic response is, “I could NEVER do that. You just don’t understand how much I love sugar.” Oh believe me. I get it! I get it more than most people. I LOVE […]

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My Favorite Healthy Subsititutions

This weekend we made some delicious pulled pork for a luncheon after my son’s baptism. The next day after everyone left, I was craving comfort food. In the past, that meant crappy, processed food that made me feel guilty and emotional for eating. Food shouldn’t do that to people. We should feel happy after we […]

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Goals: How to Set and Keep Them

In just a few days, we begin 2016. Is it just me, or do the years seem to be going by faster and faster?! I feel like I just got over mourning the end of Christmas season and here we are again! I have to admit, while I am not a fan of January as […]

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