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Why You Should Eat Pumpkin

Because it’s November, pumpkin should be consumed regularly. And by regularly, I mean daily; possibly multiple times. Before I truly cared about the food I was putting in my body, eating pumpkin meant combining 1/2 C pumpkin with 25 C sugar and 10 C bleached flour. Not so healthy which is sad because pumpkin has a lot of health benefits.


10 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

  1. Pumpkin is chock full of vitamins – Just one cup of cooked pumpkin has 100% the recommended daily value of vitamin A. It’s also a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a handful of minerals your body needs.
  2. Pumpkin is really low in fat and calories – One cup has only 49 calories and well under 1 gram of fat.
  3. Pumpkin is good for your heart – The potassium and vitamins in pumpkin help maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  4. Pumpkin keeps away the sniffles – Due to the high vitamin C content, pumpkin boosts the immune system, helping to prevent colds that are so common this time of year.
  5. Pumpkin helps you see – The vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene in pumpkin help protect your eyes and even keep them young, decreasing the risk of macular degeneration.
  6. Pumpkin helps you recover from a hard workout – The high levels of potassium help you recover faster from a hard session of weight lifting or cardio.
  7. Pumpkin seeds aid in digestion – Due to the amount of fiber, pumpkin seeds keep you regular in a much friendlier way than laboratory-made laxatives.
  8. Pumpkin keeps your skin looking young – Studies show consuming beta-carotene can help prevent wrinkles.
  9. Pumpkin can help lower your cancer risk – Again, the beta-cerotene in pumpkin can reduce your risk for certain types of cancer, including prostate and lung cancers.
  10. Pumpkin seeds can help you relax and sleep better – Pumpkin produces an amino acid that helps your body make serotonin. Serotonin aids in sleep and lessens anxiety.

As an ode to this delicious, orange squash, today we’ve talked about the health benefits of pumpkin. If I’ve convinced you, come back Friday for a list of my favorite, healthy pumpkin recipes.

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