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A Cute and Sentimental Valentine’s Day Craft

Last Valentine’s Day we made “love hearts” together as a family. Before you quite reading due to the sappy title of this project, hear me out. Each of us got a chipboard heart and painted it with things we love. Since we use Valentine’s Day to celebrate different forms of love, this included people, toys, […]

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10 Minute Christmas Present – Homemade Coasters

Last year for Christmas we gave our family things they’d need for a family night. This included a game, a movie, popcorn, hot chocolate and these adorable coasters (for the hot chocolate, of course). I’m not the kind of person that can find an adorable craft on Pinterest and make it come to life, so […]

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A Cheap Way to Add Color to Your Kitchen

We recently moved into a new house. And while I love my new house, there is one thing about the house I can not stand for. This is the most beige house I’ve ever seen. Luckily I found a way to accommodate a big punch of color in the kitchen.

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DIY Inexpensive Kitchen Pedestal

Last week, I decided I needed to add more color to the kitchen. I made this pedestal out of things I found at Goodwill. So far, my husband hasn’t mentioned it. Either he doesn’t notice, or he’s just resigned himself to the fact that for the rest of his life, he’ll come home frequently to […]

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Two Teacher Gifts Teachers will Love

My kids love to give their teachers presents at the end of the year. I agree that it’s a fun way to say, “Thank you.” But I wanted to give them something useful. Here are two ideas that were fun for both my kids and their teachers.

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Thrift Store Candle Stand Makeover

A few weeks ago I was in a home decorating store. I saw some beautiful, brightly colored candle pillar stands and wanted them for my fireplace. I had visions of myself sitting on my couch in front of my fireplace, looking like the cover of a magazine with my beautiful candles. Then I looked at the […]

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How to Make a Crime-Fighting Worthy Superhero Cape

Sometimes a kid needs to wear a superhero cape. Maybe it’s to fight crime, and maybe it’s o go grocery shopping. We purchased a cheap, red cape which was destroyed within weeks. My mom, being the super-grandma she is (is there a cape for that?) made my kids more durable capes.

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