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Fall Decoration: Candy Corn Pots

Before I took much notice of what I was eating, I relished eating candy corn each Halloween. Last year I decided to have one splurge and eat a few pieces of my son’s candy corn (aka: the mommy tax). I realized something that has changed my life. Candy corn is gross. Truly. A sugar addict can eat a whole bag without noticing. But next time you reach for a candy corn, notice how disgusting it is and you’ll never binge on a bag again. You’re welcome.

But, candy corn is still fun because it’s full of fall colors. Here’s a healthy way you can have candy corn in your home without having to eat through the pain.


Purchase however many and whatever size terracotta pots you want. You can find these almost anywhere and they go on sale this time of year. BONUS! We picked three different sizes.

Paint the top rim white, the middle of the pot orange (or just leave it the orange color it comes in if you don’t want it as bright) and the bottom yellow. You can just eyeball a strait line (I totally don’t recommend this), draw around the pot with a pencil, or use actual painter’s tape to make your color blocks.


Now paint a wood knob white and glue it to the font using hot glue. Again, you can find these knobs at any craft store.


The cute yellow cheeks are just more yellow paint and the face is just drawn on with a black permanent marker.


You can follow what we did, or make it your own. Glue on eyes, draw a full face, let your kids take a crack at their face-drawing skills. I think  no matter what you do, these guys will be adorable.


We leave ours on the mantle, but you could fill them with candy or put an actual plant in them!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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