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10 goals to set this year copy

10 Easy Goals to Set for the New Year

A new year is upon us and that means New Years’ Resolutions. Too often, we set goals like “lose 20 lbs,” or “increase business revenue by $20k.” While those goals may be good, it’s okay to set little goals you can achieve daily. Here are several goals you can achieve and/or recommit to every single […]

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How to Recover After an Indulgence

Even as a nutrition therapist, I don’t expect you to always say “no” to every indulgence, but I also don’t want you to start the new year feeling tired, sick, and emotionally exhausted. Here are a few of my tips and tricks that get me through an indulgence during the holidays, or really anytime you’re […]

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How to Pick the Right Exercise for You

Everyone has an opinion about what the very best exercise is. But no matter the opinion, everyone agrees that exercise is a must for everyone. No matter age or physical ability, EVERYONE should get some kind of exercise. So here are some tips when choosing the type of exercise that is best for you.

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