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Why You Need to Hire a Nutritionist

As you know, I’m a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Basically I teach people what food does in their bodies and design an eating plan for them that fits with their lifestyle, health situation, goals and abilities. It’s a really fun job if you like talking about food… which I do.

But I wasn’t always this way. Six years ago I was sick, overweight, anxious and clueless as to what to do about it. I read articles online that helped a bit and talked to friends, but I needed something specifically for me. An incredible friend (who was studying nutrition) reached out to me and said she’d love to work with me.

This changed my life. Working with her gave me direction, a fresh perspective, accountability and a new passion. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I needed someone specifically educated to help me.

With her help, I learned what the food I was eating was doing in my body. I learned why what I was doing wasn’t working to improve my health/body composition. I learned how to exercise and eat specifically for my body. And, of course, I was so excited I decided to go back to school to be that resource for others.

I got into this industry not to get rich, but because I’d found something I was passionate about and wanted to help others. I’d seen the blessing it was in my life to have a guide, and I wanted to be that blessing for others.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a nutritionist, here are a few reasons to consider making the leap.

Make Someone Else Make a Plan

As an NTP, I can’t wave a wand and make my clients eat everything I say, when I say to eat it; nor would I want to. All I can do is give them the information and let them make the decisions. But I’ve found just having that information is a HUGE hurdle so many have been unable to clear before they hire me. Hiring a nutritionist takes the guess work out of it. “How many veggies should I eat? Is this a food that works well for me? How often should I eat? Are carbs bad? Is fat bad? What should I make for dinner?” It’s so freeing to have someone else answer those questions. Now you can focus on other parts of your life and leave the food planning to someone else.

Have Structure

I think this was the biggest help for me personally. Even now, I see a functional medicine doctor who gives me a plan, and I love to do challenges and programs that include a specific plan. Even if you know how to eat healthy, it’s so nice to have some structure. With my clients, we come up with eating schedules, workout schedules, snack lists, meal plans, supplement recommendations, and food journals that easlily fit within the lifestyle they want to create. I’ve found this to be a huge motivator for clients and also a stress-reliever.

Be Accountable

This is the number one thing my clients seem to need from me. They LOVE the plans and the guidance, but it’s having someone to answer to that really motivates them. When I have my initial consultation with my clients, we make a plan as to how often they have to check in with me and “rules of accountability.” Like, “If I eat this food I know will make me sick, I have to tell you immediately.” Sometimes they send me their food journals daily. Sometimes they text/call me in the midst of a temptation they want to resist. Knowing someone else is keeping track of how you are doing, can be a very motivating factor for some people. The most important part is to know that accountablility comes from a place of care and respect. I don’t hold clients accountable so I can make them feel bad or degrade them. I truly care about each client and want to see them succeed. I don’t take deviations personally or get offended. I see them as a way to work through issues together.

New Recipes and Ideas

So many peple tell me they want to eat healthy, but they don’t know what to make. Any nutritionist will give you recipes that fit within the lifestyle you want to create. Food is my favorite hobby. Talking about it, eating it, researching it, etc. I’m just a big fan of food! So if I give my clients recipes, they know they will be delicious! I refuse to waste time eating untasty food and would never ask my clients to either. Food should be fun!

Take Your Health Back

I love my regular doctor. She’s kind, educated, intuitive and listens so well. But as is often the case, she oftens turns to medications to treat the symptoms rather than consider lifestyle changes to get to the root of the problem. Finding that root is basially the role of a nutritionist. I completely respect and understand the need for medications, but if we can make food changes that keep you off medications, let’s do that! I helped clear up my exzema and acne just by changing my diet! I love seeing clients achieve similar things!

Knowing Someone Has Your Back

I’ve straight-up told my clients they can use me when someone tries to pressure them to eat something they want to avoid. Once we come up with a plan that works for them, it can be so hard to stick to that plan when going out to eat or visiting family. Now I’m 100% on board with special occassion indulgences, but if dairy makes you constipated, congested and gives you skin rashes; it may not be an indulgence you want. But when Aunt Sally tells you her heart is breaking because you won’t eat her cheesecake she spent hours making, it’s nice to have me in your corner. “Sorry Aunt Sally, my nutritionist would like me to stay off dairy for now to see if we can fix some of these issues I’m struggling with. I love you but I promised to stick to my plan.”

If any of these stand reasons stand out to you, I’d LOVE to work with you. It makes me so happy to see clients improve their health and their relationships with food. If you’re interested in working with me, contact me or check out my website, Colorado Family Nutrition.  I can work with clients in-person locally or virtually from anywhere! I would love to answer any more questions you may have and make a plan to work together.

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