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Healthy Chicken Salad Wraps

I have to admit, as a busy mom, I don’t always have time for a healthy lunch. I try to sit down to a plate of veggies and protein but there are days that 2 p.m. hits and I realize I’m starving and settle for a fruit leather and a few spoonfuls of almond butter. Not exactly a fabulous lunch.

2016-02-09 18.53.41To avoid such a scene, I try to make big batches of healthy lunches I can eat all week.

This chicken salad is one of my favorites. My 5-year-old daughter loves it as well. If you don’t want to eat it in a wrap, this also tastes fabulous over a bed of spinach or arugula, or just strait from the bowl (my daughter’s favorite way). But no matter how you eat it, having a bunch of this in your fridge will just make your week better.


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Quick Asian Chicken Stir Fry – Without the Sugar

I love stir frys. It’s just a fancy way of throwing everything you want in a pan and cooking it together in delicious seasoning. It comes together in one pot, is full of veggies and protein, and can be customized to for every person. Last week, I had some leftover, cubed chicken breast I needed to cook before they went bad. I decided to make a stir fry for lunch.

This was so good! It had that deliciously addictive flavor you get at a Chinese restaurant, but I didn’t have to add a ton of sugar. I love those small victories. I’ve included what I added (completely based on what I had in my fridge), but add what you want/have.

2016-02-13 12.51.46Start by cooking the chicken breasts and then adding the rest of the veggies. Add the sauce at the end and then serve the whole thing over a large bed of spinach. I love putting hot stir fry over a bed of spinach because the spinach welts down a bit but still has a great crunchy texture. This adds some great variety with the cooked veggies.



2016-02-13 12.55.31

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