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What Happens When You Go 21 Days Without Sugar?

This summer got a little rough as far as me eating sugar goes. The early part of the summer we moved which encouraged my stress eating. I tried to keep it “approved” with dark chocolate, fruit and treats made with natural sugars, but still, I overdid it. Then the vacations started: camping, Disneyland, weekends with family, […]

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Why You Will Always be Addicted to Sugar

When people give up sugar, I’m tired of hearing them say things like, “I don’t even want sugar anymore. It’s not even a struggle. It’s not even hard to resist.” I’m calling bull crap on that one. Maybe there are those super disciplined people out there, but I guess I’m not one of them.

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10 Sugar-Craving Cures

  When people ask me the number one thing I’ve done to make myself healthier I always respond with, “give up sugar.” The automatic response is, “I could NEVER do that. You just don’t understand how much I love sugar.” Oh believe me. I get it! I get it more than most people. I LOVE […]

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