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The Healthy Wendy’s Frosty

Girls’ night in college usually involved my roommates and I going to a movie, getting dessert at midnight in a restaurant, daring each other to do something really stupid and then dancing until 2 a.m. when someone would suggest making cookie dough, which we’d do, and then eat the entire bowl before falling asleep on the couch about 4 a.m. Now that I have a daughter, we do regular girls’ nights. Though these days, they usually involve painting nails, watching Angelina Ballerina and making a treat together. I have to say, I prefer these girls’ nights.

Last Friday after our nails were sparkly turquoise and Angelina was having a dilemma about being jealous of another mouse ballerina, we decided it was treat time. Giving my daughter loads of sugar right before I send her to sleep does not make for a happy ending to girls’ night. Instead, we made this healthy version of a Wendy’s Frosty with only 3 ingredients, all of which are healthy and easy to pronounce.


Just throw the frozen bananas, cocoa powder and a milk of your choice (we went with almond milk) in a blender and you’re good to go! I really want to make some sweet potato fries to see how they taste dipped in. Come on. You know you used to dip your fries in your frosty.

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Gluten Free 3 Ingredient Pancakes

My mom used to make our family a big breakfast every Sunday. Sometimes it was french toast, sometimes waffles and sometimes it was pancakes. Being the awesome mom she is, she’d make my pancake shaped like minnie mouse, complete with pancake eyes, nose, mouth and bow. It was the best breakfast you can imagine.

My kids get pancakes… shaped like circles. Unless I have a batter accident and then sometimes it’s shaped like something from a Rorschach test. Oh well. It’s a pancake, right?

These are our favorite pancakes to make. They are sweet, super easy to make and flip better than any grain-free pancake I’ve ever made.


I was actually shocked how much these taste like regular pancakes. I thought they’d be really eggy, but the flavor and texture was fabulous. Plus, with only three ingredients, these are the easiest pancakes I’ve ever made. Unless you count adding water to Krusteaz mix…

I mix everything together in a blender because it’s easy, thorough and the spout on the blender jar is the perfect way to pour the batter onto the skillet.

My son ate these with maple syrup, but my daughter and I heated some natural peanut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds and drizzled it over the top. WOW! That was absolutely amazing. It was one of those meals that makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t eat healthy.

Enjoy your pancakes, no matter what shape they take.

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No Sugar Chocolate Banana Muffins

Every morning my son’s breakfast includes a mini muffin. This is my way of cramming a bit more protein and nutrients into him in an unprocessed way before sending him off to second grade to solve the world’s great problems. I always look for muffin recipes heavy on nuts and/or eggs and low on sugar. We generally stick to banana muffins, but to keep things interesting, I’m always trying to find something else. I found this recipe from Yummy Mummy. It looked delicious, but since I was giving it to my son every morning for breakfast, I wanted something without added sugar or sugar substitutes and without chocolate chips. So using Yummy Mummy’s recipe as my base, I came up with a version without sugar. We’re all very pleased with the results and I can continue to give my son a muffin every morning without feeling guilty. Luckily as a mom, there are still plenty of other things I get to feel guilty about every day.

2015-12-07 16.51.13

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