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10 Foods to Get You Through the Whole 30

Last week I posted about my experience with the Whole 30. I firmly believe the key to success on any eating challenge is to have the right food. These foods help me survive the Whole 30.

1. La Croix

If you’re not familiar with La Croix, it’s a great substitute if you’re addicted to soda pop. It’s carbonated water, flaovred with essential oils. I’m drinking a lime one right now and thoroughly enjoying myself. It feels like a fun treat when you just want a cupcake. And believe me, during the Whole 30, you will want a cupcake. I don’t care what anyone tells you. It’s true.

la croix

2. Crio Bru

If you need hot chocolate (who doesn’t need hot chocolate??) this is a great substitute. It’s basically ground cocoa beans with a little added flavor from things like strawberries and coconut. It’s definitely not sweet, but it gives that feeling of chocolaty comfort. As a woman, I need that in my life… daily.

crio bru

3. Slow Cooker Whole Chicken (Click for Recipe)

Having healthy protein on hand is a must. I found I needed plenty of ready-to-go foods for meals and snacks. Just because I was hungry didn’t mean I had time to whip up a meal. I made this chicken for Sunday dinner and then snacked on it the rest of the week. I had it on salads, in lettuce wraps, covered in the No Sugar BBQ Sauce and even just plain.

Slow Cooker Chicken

4. Egg and Veggie Breakfast Hash (Click for Recipe)

This is such a yummy and filling breakfast. It provides protein, fat and carb (depending on what veggies you use), which is the perfect combination to keep you full and satisfied longer.

egg and veggie hash

5. Healthy Taco Seasoning (Click for Recipe)

Like the BBQ sauce, this was necessary to add flavor to food when you can’t buy condiments at the grocery store. Every taco seasoning I find either has sugar, cornstarch or both. We used this seasoning to make taco salad, taco lettuce wraps, or nachos with plantain chips. Top it with my healthy pico de gallo and it makes it feel like you’re not on a restricted eating plan, which helps me not get so hangry.

healthy taco seasoning

6. No-Sugar Griled Pineapple Rings (Click for Recipe)

Not only can’t you have desserts on the Whole 30, but you can’t have anything that resembles a dessert. Having this with grilled steak or pork chops made that easier. It’s sweet without triggering the sugar monster and lives in each of us. I’m pretty sure my sugar monster is actually twins so this really helped me.

grilled pineapple

7. Berries

WARNING! Eat any fruit on the Whole 30 with caution. As I admitted in my previous post about the whole 30, I used fruit too often as a crutch to get me through my sugar cravings. Berries are lower in sugar than other fruits, but it’s still wise to limit them to one a day. My favorite thing to do was put some berries in a bowl, sprinkle some cinnamon on the top and pour on some almond milk.


8. No Sugar BBQ Sauce (Click for Recipe)

We ate this on chicken, pork, hamburgers, etc. To make it Whole 30 compliant, I left out the Worchestershire sauce, which didn’t change the flavor much.


9. Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage

Like the slow cooker chicken, this is a great thing to have on hand. I eat it on salads, make a hash out of it with veggies, cook it on the bbq grill or just throw it in the microwave. You can get it at any grocery store by the hot dogs, but I find it cheapest in the deli section at Costco.

aidells sausage

10. Water

Okay so, this seems really obvious but I think it’s important to mention. A lot of times thirst is mistaken as hunger. When I feel hungry I’ll often drink a big glass of water and feel full. Plus, you’re body is going to be super ticked off at you the first few days of this as it purges all the crap out. Dehydration isn’t something you want to deal with on top of this and drinking water can actually help you get through the physical struggles like sugar-detox headaches, etc. Add some lemon, lime or other fruit to give it a little extra flavor. I drank lemon water every morning on the whole 30. It really helped me avoid sugar and want to drink the amount of water I needed to to be healthy.






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