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13 Healthy Halloween Treats to take to a Party

What do all children’s Halloween activities have in common aside from far too many small girls dressed like Elsa? The answer: sugar. Even though Halloween is a night to dress up and ask strangers for obscene amounts of candy, we feel we need to preface the holiday with several parties that include cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc, etc, etc. It’s basically a month-long sugar binge. And while I love Halloween, I don’t love sugar crash my kids get several times during the month of October. I’ve decided this year, I’m going to do my part to eliminate that. Here are 13 healthy snacks to take to a Halloween party that still have a festive twist. Not only will they get you in the Halloween spirit, but they’re all fairly easy to put together. I’m personally opposed to treats that take hours to create.

  1. Healthy Frankenstein – This is basically a fun way to eat grapes. It’s also much simpler to put together than elaborate cookies or candies.Frankenstein Grape Cups
  2. Applesauce Mummies – These require zero food prep. Take something healthy that already exists and make it a mummy. Pretty darn easy and cute.Go go mummy
  3. Cheese Brooms – Unless you speak Spanish (which I don’t), you’re going to need to use Google translate to read this one, but it’s such a cute idea. Plus it’s made with snacky food kids with be drawn to.Cheese brooms
  4. Orange Pumpkins – This is another super easy snack with minimal ingredients.
  5. Bat Snack Bags – I think these are my favorite of the snacks. Again, no baking involved and very little craft skill. If I call one Batman, I may even convince my son to pass up a cookie for a bat.Halloween-Fruit-Bat-Snack-Bags
  6. Banana Ghost Pops – These are a power snack. The banana provides vitamins, the yogurt provides protein and probiotics, and the coconut provides healthy fats. This is definitely a complete snack.Banana Ghost Pops
  7. Grape Caterpillars – Apparently grapes make great Halloween treats because we have another grape snack. I would use coconut butter in place of the vanilla frosting but even if you opted to use frosting, it’s such a minimal amount this still counts as a healthy snack.Grape Caterpillars
  8. Healthy Candy Corn – Let’s face it. Candy corn is gross. Yet we think we need to eat handfuls of if from the end of September through the end of November. Here is a candy corn that is healthy and actually tastes good.Fruit candy corn and dip
  9. Pumpkin Deviled Eggs – These adroable little snacks are packed with protein and are naturally the colors of
  10. Cheesy Cats and Pumpkins – This is extremely easy and provides calcium and protein. Plus, I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love cheese; or an adult for that matter.susiej-halloween-snacks-Untitled-1
  11. Celery Mummies – These adorable snacks have vitamins, calcium and protein. mummies
  12. Spider Sandwiches – These are a great well-rounded Halloween snack.  Use a whole or sprouted wheat bread for whole grains, peanut buttter for protein and raisins for extra fiber. When I make these for my kids i leave off the jelly and sprinkle a little cinnamon on the peanut butter.spider-sandwiches-2-foodlets
  13. Cheese Ghosts and Orange Pumpkins – This snack is as easy as drawing a face, which we’ve all been doing since we were three-years-old.cheese ghosts




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  1. adrienne October 20, 2015 at 11:09 am #

    These are so cute!

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