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About C is for Coconut

Four years ago I took my love for cooking, crafts and being a mom and started a blog. I loved my blog and was very proud of it. About a year ago our family made some major changes. We illiminated the majority of sugar from our diet and began focusing on whole, healthy food.  We also started focusing more on family exercise and doing healthy activities together.

Because of our changes, I decided I needed a change in blogs as well. That’s how “C is for Coconut” was born. I am not a certified professional in childcare or nutrition, but I have eight years experience as a mom and have first-hand seen  the changes that come from perusing a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

On this blog you’ll find healthy recipes, home-improvement ideas, and things that have made my job as a mom easier and more enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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