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Eight Reasons Why Moms are Awesome

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Since I’m a mom and I also have a mom, this day is very important to me. So without further introduction, there are 8 reasons why moms are awesome.

Moms literally create life – After being pregnant, I know how much this means. I spent months sick, tired and nourishing a child that was actually a part of my body. I felt kicks, rolls and several hick-ups. I remind my children I created them often. A few days ago I was doing my daughter’s hair after I worked out. She told me I was gross and sweaty and I told her not to worry, she used to live in my body. Point: Mom.IMG_20101114_220537

Your mom is your biggest fan – Only a mom will jump and cheer the first time you poop in the toilet. Only a mom will record every ballet recital, piano recital and soccer game. My mom drove 6 hours in a blizzard to watch me play the flute once in high school. My mom cheered me on at every basketball game, even though I only made three baskets in the two years I played.


A mom is a better body guard that Chuck Norris – Moms may seem sweet, but if you mess with our kids, we can go from 0 to psycho in three seconds. When it comes to our kids, we have no regard for danger or bodily harm. All regard for personal safety disappears when our kids are in danger.


Mom’s kisses have real magic – I don’t know how many times I’ve cured a seemingly mortal wound with a kiss. A jammed finger, a scraped knee, a bumped head. Nothing stands a chance against a mom’s kiss.

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Moms seem to have a back-up battery – Only a mom can spend the day cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring kids all over, helping with homework and still have energy to play Candyland and read Harry Potter, doing all the voices. Or even… dress up like Princess Leia for a baseball game.


Moms just make it all better – Remember being sick? I bet all you wanted was your mom. Nobody takes care of you when you’re sick like a mom. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out. My mom changed my ice packs regularly for two days. I was pretty out of it, but I vividly remember waking up briefly while she switched them every few hours. Now that I am a mom, there is something comforting about being able to be the one to take care of your sick child. I guess it’s that body guard instinct again.


Moms wear more hats than British Royalty – Moms have to be chefs, housekeepers, psychologists, nurses, teachers, chauffeurs, hair dressers, entertainers and more. We are on call 24/7 and can’t take a day off. But the reward of the work is greater than any paycheck out there.


Moms love you no matter what – No matter what my kids do I will always love them. And I know my mom will always love me, no matter what I do. There are times my kids make me furious! When they lie to me, fight with each other, draw on the wall, jump on my couch, act out in school and more, I can get so mad I want to ground them for the rest of their lives. But never, not once, have I ever stopped loving them. That will never change, no matter how many times they draw with Sharpie on my beautiful, hardwood floor.IMG_2516

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