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Summer Science Experiments for Kids

Summer break is drawing to a close. Though I had great intentions of sitting around the table with my kids every day of break while they worked in summer workbooks and then taking long nature walks while we talked about philosophy and the periodic table, in reality we spent most of the summer running through the backyard making up Harry Potter spells. Oh well. It was still successful. Before we start school again, I want to get my kids back in the learning mode. We’ve started doing this with fun outdoor science experiments that can be done with things you probably already have at home. Here are our top 10 favorite summer science experiments to do as a family.

  1. Make your own rain clouds (From eHow Mom Blog: including photograph)raincloud experiment
  2. Egg Drop (From Lemon Lime Adventures): This is a classic experiment I remember well from elementary school. I have vivid memories of wrapping my precious egg in bubble wrap, paper towels, cotton and copious amounts of masking tape trying to protect it from a fall. You can make this a contest or all work together.
  3. Sink or Float (From Buggy and Buddy)
  4. Homemade Hurricane (From Inspiration Laboratories: including photograph)Make-a-Hurricane
  5. Exploding Milk Experiment (From Mess for Less)
  6. Mini Water Cycle (From Science Sparks: including photograph)water cycle
  7. Make your own Bottle Rocket (From Science Sparks: including photograph)bottle-rocket-791x1024
  8. Turn Cream into Butter (From PBS Kids): This is an easy experiment you can do anytime. Sometimes we do this while telling stories about early American settlers. This would be a great Thanksgiving activity too).
  9. Water Reflections (From My Nearest and Dearest: including photograph)Pouring-water-over-mirrors-and-observing-how-ones-reflection-changes
  10. Why do I need Sunscreen? (From I Can Teach My Child): This was a great experiment for my kids. Like most kids, they are not impressed when I have to take the time to lather them up with sunscreen before they get to run around the park or jump in the pool. They were amazed when we did this experiment. Now when they complain, I just remind them how important sunscreen is.

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